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G-Land has a million natural beauty, unspoiled environment, eye-catching scenery, diverse activities that can be enjoyed on this island. G-Land is already well-known by foreign tourists because of its extraordinary natural beauty. The activity most sought after by tourists is surfing, G-Land has unusually large waves, G-Land has 7 consistent waves that tourists are looking for. But the big waves on G-Land cannot be enjoyed at any time, to get a good moment, tourists must come in April to August, because in those months the waves on this island are very high and large.

In addition to surfing activities, tourists can enjoy other activities such as trekking, the road on this island is still very natural with rocks, therefore trekking activities are very suitable to do on this island. Habitat in this region is also very diverse because this region is in the middle of the Alas Purwo National Park area. In the afternoon, tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunset while relaxing on the beach and hear the alternating waves.25 Des 2019

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