Perfect Waves in the G-Land

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Plengkung beach or better known as G-land. This beach is located in the area of Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. This beach has a curved and elongated coastline, recognized as the best surfing spot in Southeast Asia.

Waves on the coast of Plengkung are divided into 3 levels, namely Kong Waves (the waves reach 6-8 meters high), Speedis Waves (waves height 5-6 meters), and Many Track Waves (3-4 meters high waves). For beginner level usually use waves at the last level (Many Waves).

Current Surf Report For G-Land today on 22th July 2020 :

Primary Swell 3.5ft at 17s

Secondary Swell 4.5ft at 14s

Wind Swell 3.5ft at 6s

The temperature of the air is 26°c and the Sea 26°c

G-Land Forecast :

Hight :

  1. at time 10:04AM, Height 2.45m
  2. at time 10:58PM, Height 2.25m

Low :

  1. at time 03:59AM, Height 1.07m
  2. at time 04:38PM, Height 0.64m

22 juli 2020

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