In Memoriam of Tim Mccormick

In Memoriam of Tim Mccormick Large Image



It is a sad news to us that our Brother, Tim Mccormick was passed. It give us a shock to our spirit when we heard the news. A strong passion for G-Land well lived to the fire that never ash during Tim’s life. It is really awkward to realize his presence will only beĀ amassedĀ as a spirit from now on. Seeing him playing chess with Puma so temped to win without knowing his good friend was playing nice. Vividly seeing him holding position on his beloved Fang. Tim was generously taking the younger guys under his tutelage and giving them knowledge for breaking-down of the jungle and the point. Tim was veteran in G-Land and never once we witnessing an egotistical flaunt. Tim took his life by his own doing leaping from a Honolulu high-rise on the 8th of October 2012. Tim, your presence will be missed by us.

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