Hunting The World’s Best Second Wave in Banyuwangi

Hunting The World’s Best Second Wave in Banyuwangi Large Image


Plengkung beach is nicknamed “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder” by foreign surfers because it has 7 rolls of waves up to 6 meters in height. Plengkung Beach or more popularly called G-Land offers a paradise for surfers to ride the world’s incredible, worldwide, and legendary waves.

There are several connotations as to why the Beach is called G-Land. The ‘G’ for G-Land has three diverse notions. First, for the initial letters of the word “Great” as a picture of the incredible waves. Second, for the initial letter of the word “Green” or sometimes “Green Land” because the location is not far from the expanse of old tropical rain forest green is Alas Purwo National Park. Third, refer to ‘G’ for the beginning of the letters ‘Grajagan,’ a beach and harbor where fishing boats tourists use to reach Plengkung. The term G-land also means because Plengkung is in Grajagan Bay resembling the letter G.

You can find g-land camp to stay near g-land. Usually tourists with surfing hobby mostly rely on G-land Bobby’s Surf Camp

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