G-Land Waves Hunting

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Plengkung is nicknamed “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder” by international surfers for 7 (seven) legendary roll waves that can reach heights of up to 6 meters.
The waves in G-Land are unique and reach heights of 1-2 km, rolling from east to west with heights reaching 4-6 meters in about 5 minute intervals. This is very popular among surfers because they can then enjoy the tense long barrel.

G-lan WA 16 DES 19
The waves on G-land are considered the 2nd best wave in the world after Hawaii.
There are several types of waves that you can get on this beach, namely Kong Waves whose height reaches 8 meters, Speedis Waves with a height reaching 6 meters, and the last Many Track Waves that are suitable for beginners that are about 4 meters high.

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