G-Land : Stay in the middle of the forest

G-Land : Stay in the middle of the forest Large Image


Talking about surfing would have been familiar with the beach G Land in Banyuwangi which became the location of surfers of the world playing the waves. G Land has another name as Plengkung beach. And, the waves are very high reaching five meters, so it can make the body with fun on the skateboard.

G-Land Beach also became the second best surf beach after Hawaii. No wonder the world surfing championships are often held at G Land every year. And, now there is happy news for you. Because, in addition to enjoying big and high waves, you can also glamorous camp on the beach to enjoy the twilight and breeze on the shoreline.


Staying in g-land is also suitable for those who want a honeymoon. The price is also quite adequate around IDR 500,000  up to IDR 900.000. And, the inn was placed in the middle of the forest so the holidays will be more exciting. you can get the best g-land accommodation at Bobby’s Surf Camp or visit grajagan.com

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