G-Land Paradise of Big Waves

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One of the beaches in Banyuwangi whose popularity is worldwide is Plengkung beach. Plengkung beach is recognized as the best surfing spot in Southeast Asia and the waves are one of the seven best waves in the world.
Consistent waves are the result of the influence of Antarctic currents, which are carried by the Indian Ocean. With the right bay angle, the resulting waves are perfect. The height of the waves is said to reach 4-8 meters with a length of 2 km, and has a seven-tiered wave formation, very challenging for surf lovers to try it.
The waves on this beach are divided into 3 levels namely Kong Waves (waves reaching 6-8 meters high), Speedis Waves (5-6 m), and Many Track Waves (3-4 m). The last level waves (many tracks) are usually used by beginner surfers to hone their skills.

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