G-Land is The Best Beach For Surfing

G-Land is The Best Beach For Surfing Large Image


In general, tourists who come to Plengkung beach do surfing activities. The surfers mostly come from Bali because the location of Plengkung beach can be accessed directly from Kuta Beach in Bali using a speed boat.
G-Land Banyuwangi is a favorite place for surfers. The waves on the G-Land beach have a very large volume and are continuous with the next waves.
5.G-Land WAThe best time to surf on G-Land is from April to September where the wind gusts in that month are greater than other months. Large waves or waves that come alternately and will last for several days with a distance of several days between each wave. This is also the most awaited by the world surfers who visit there.
As one of the best surfing spots in Southeast Asia, Plengkung Beach or G-Land does have terrific waves. The waves themselves are included in one of the seven best waves in the world. Just imagine the height of the waves is said to reach 4 to 8 meters with a length of 2km and has seven tiled wave formations. The stacking waves make the G-Land more perfect to be the best place for surfing

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