G-Land is a Surfing Beach

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The waves at G-lang beach are considered the 2nd best wave after Hawaii. While Hawaii offers consistent waves throughout the year. Wave peaks on this beach occur between April to August. Apart from G-land and Hawaii, the same waves can only be found in Australia and South Africa.

In G-Land there is a surf camp that became a pioneer in G-Land, Bobbys G-Land. Bobbys G-Land provides lodging and also all surfing needs so that tourists no longer need to bring surfing equipment to G-Land.

The types of waves in the G-Land consist of three levels namely ‘Kong Waves’ (waves reaching 6-8 meters high), ‘Speedis Waves’ (waves with a height of 5-6 m), and ‘Many Track Waves’ ( which has a height of 3-4 m).

6. G-Land WA5.G-Land WA

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