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Plengkung beach or better known as G-Land is a beach located in Banyuwangi, east Java. Located in the Alas Purwo National Park area.G-Land 11 WA

Plengkung beach is called G-Land because the letter G has three word meanings, namely:
1. The first G is Grajagan, which means the name of the bay dance which has big waves.
2. The second G is Green, the Plengkung beach area is still very natural, the island is still very green and beautiful.
3. The third G is Great, called Great because G-Land has large, long waves.

Plengkung beach is the best beach in the world for surfing. The waves on this beach can reach heights of four to eight meters with the wave length to reach two kilometers in a seven-wave formation. Beaches with these characteristics only exist in a few countries, such as Hawaii, Australia and South Africa.

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