Tiger Track in g-land for Surfers Beginners

Tiger Track in g-land for Surfers Beginners Large Image


Giant wave formation that comes after the following in the G-land to the left plated to seven layers. Awesome ride for world surfers. Waves of dreams, they call that.

Lodging in G-Land is dominated by surfers from abroad, one of the g-land lodgings is Bobby’s Surf Camp which became the pioneer of surf camp in G-Land Banyuwangi.

In Plengkung beach or g-land, the waves of Kong are the first wave breaks can reach six meters. Successive waves will roll into the money tree spot, the second spot after Kong. Following spot fan tree. Fan fan tree name from the sea, on the beach looks palma trees that resemble a fan. Then go to the spot called speedy up to the tiger track. The waves extend two kilometers is what the surfers of the world sought. Tiger track is a type of waves for beginners, The waves are, relatively safe for prospective surfers. Stay cautious, because the waves are, tend to be shallow, at risk of stumbling coral sharp.

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