The Grandong Driver in G-land Bobbys Surf Camp

The Grandong Driver in G-land Bobbys Surf Camp Large Image


G-land Bobbys surf camp is a beautiful and comfortable in surfing activities, where we can make surfing the waves were so big and very challenging. leading to g-land Bobbys surf camp we could use the boat and minibus, if we are going to pull our boat ride on the beach and transported by car from the beach toward Grandong Bobbys Surf Camp.

Grandong is a very unique car where the engine using diesel and is very unique and attractive, you will be very impressed if climbing car made by g-land Bobbys surf camp. grandong this car was driving by one of the staff g-land Bobbys surf camp named Samson. Samson has a great body she was very professional in grandong driving, if you are curious please maik boat to g-land Bobbys surf camp

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