Put Up or Shut Up Event Will Be Hosted In G-Land

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Aloha,,,Selamat Pagi or Good Morning Guys, Today in G-Land will be held an event titled “Put Up or Shut Up” by The Coca-Cola Indonesian Surfing Championships and Surftime Magazine. G-Land will be the host of the second annual Put Up or Shut Up event on September 6th as the swell is forecast to reach a solid 10 feet (over 3 meters) at 16 second intervals, setting up an ultimate day of surf for the 10 lucky particpants who will depart Bali by boat for Grajagan in the early morning hours of September 5th. From a lengthy list of invitees that includes the top international and Indonesian surfers, only 10 will be chosen to throw a million Indonesian rupiah of their own money into the ceremonial Put Up or Shut Up Trophy bowl.

At the end of what promises to be a most inspiring day of free-surfing at the world famous barrel factory of G-Land, one surfer will pocket all the cash in a winner take all victory and inscribe his or her name on the perpetual Put Up or Shut Up trophy. There is only one rule in this very unique tournament: Surfers must perform at their absolute best. It is not a conventional contest by any definition, but a winner-take-all tournament where the surfers put their money up and bet on themselves to best the day. There is no point system. No judges, no scaffolding, no banners, no horns, no hassle, no sanction fees, no clearing of the water. It is a simply a gathering of the best. The surfers will surf all day in a real life setting. It is entirely up to each surfer to pick when they want to surf and for how long over one entire day in epic conditions.

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Source: Courtesy of www.isctour.com

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