Indonesian Independence Day Celebration at G-Land

Indonesian Independence Day Celebration at G-Land Large Image


G-land celebrates Indonesia’s independence day by holding a race. The contest and celebration of Indonesian Independence Day on August 17 are two things that can not be separated. Indonesia Independence Day celebration is incomplete if without a race, as if the race is a mandatory thing that must be done in commemorating Independence Day.


The tug of war is not just about power struggles. Without a compact team, victory is difficult to achieve. Therefore tug of war has the meaning of mutual cooperation, togetherness, and solidarity of Indonesian society.


While the areca climbing race has occurred since the days of the Dutch first, climbing pinang held as entertainment during the important celebrations of the Dutch people in the earth of Indonesia, celebrations and weddings, for example. At that time also the indigenous people vying to get a prize hanging on top of areca nuts while the Dutch people watching with laughter.

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