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G-land is a place located on the island of Java, particularly in banyuangi and place can be reached by using vehicles such as mini buses and using fast boats like the one in the picture. To achieve g-land you can use the two channels, namely land and sea, where the trip starts from the island of Bali and headed to the island of Java. Why through bali ….??? because the office for a place to stay at g-land in bali 8b st Kuta Beach, Kuta-Bali-Indonesia – 80361 | Ph. +62 – 361 – 755588/762364 – Fax. +62 – 361-755690.

There you will be served by employees who are professional and well experienced in the field, you spend the price will be comparable to what you get there as the waves were very large and charming for surf lovers, for lovers of animals you will find animals roam freely and protected, if the lovers of tranquility such as yoga or meditation other g-land right place, because the air that is present healthy and natural atmosphere.

Visitors g-land dominated by foreign tourists who love the water sports, because here they get waves that are beautiful and make you arenalin encouraged to be defeated him. If you are curious about the atmosphere of g-land and the waves just come to Bali to the address provided in this article, and guaranteed you will feel satisfied and happy.

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