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Plengkung beach, locals call it, known by the name of G-Land by foreign tourists, and its worldwide reputation as a place to surf.

G-Land is located at the southern-eastern edge of Banyuwangi, and the journey to there is quite difficult because of its location within Alas Purwo National Park. Overland journey (overland) must be taken within 3 hours through Alas Purwo. Asphalt breaks here and there, and when heading there, is being done road improvements so quite inhibiting. Another alternative is to use a boat directly from Bali or overland until Grajagan Beach then use the boat from there to Plengkung Beach to avoid the difficult terrain.


G-Land and other beaches around it offer beautiful scenery .. The beach is still beautiful, a bit of garbage, and white white sand round and round like pepper that makes feet drown when stepping on it. Sunset can also be enjoyed in G-Land because of its west-facing arch.

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