G-land The Seven Giant Waves Wonder

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G-Land¬†or plengkung beach, The Seven Giant Waves Wonder “is one of the nicknames given by foreign surfers for the waves roll in Plengkung Beach located in Alas Purwo National Park.

Grajagan Beach is adjacent to Alas Purwo National Park more precisely at the southernmost tip of this National Park. Surely you are familiar with the National Park this one is not. Forests that have a variety of rare plants and animals that live very fertile in the guard of beautiful. You will find Java and Kijang bulls looking for grass on safana. In this national park there is indeed a very wide safana with a very high level of plant fertility.

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The surfers can also enter the wave hole so it can feel a very extraordinary sensation. But this sensation can only be enjoyed by professional surfers. This is because Plawangan waves are malignant enough, thus making this spot dangerous for fishing boats. So do not miss this Grajagan Beach as a list of destinations for your visit during your vacation or honeymoon.

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