G-Land Indonesian independence day celebrations

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As we know that 17 August is Indonesia’s independence day. G-Land bobbys surf camp  race-themed events, Indonesia’s independence, and will invite the tourists who are in g-land bobbys surf camp to participate in an activity that is in the race. Various competitions have been prepared in g-land bobbys surf camp  to give a gift that will be the participants who have won the race in g-land bobbys surf camp .

This is a very beautiful moment in g-land because it only happens once a year and this event is very exciting and interesting than others, so do not miss this wonderful moment. The event will start the race from early morning until evening, the race in Indonesia’s independence day is very unique because of the race committee g-land bobbys surf camp will fight with the guests in g-land.

We’re sure you’ll have a very beautiful story in g-land surf camp bobbys if you can join in the celebration of 17 August Independence day Indonesia. If you win a race in the celebration of the g-land bobbys surf camp then you are entitled to special prizes beberpa of the race committee and a few mementos of the g-land bobbys surf camp.

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