Early Bird 2018 G-land Bobby’s Surf Camp

Early Bird 2018 G-land Bobby’s Surf Camp Large Image


Banyuwangi has many beautiful natural tourist destinations. There are three largest national parks on the island of Java, Banyuwangi also have Plengkung Beach or foreign tourists call it G land which is very popular among international surfers because it has the second largest wave after Hawaii. One of the attractions hunted by foreign tourists, especially the surfers is the beach Plengkung or better known as G-Land, located in the location of Alas Purwo National Park.

Although to enter Alas Purwo National Park with its lush trees, plus the road conditions are less friendly, but the name Plengkung or G-Land is very famous in the ears of surfers or surfers abroad. If you interest to stay in G-land, please visit Bobby’s Surf Camp. Enjoy early bird packages G-land Bobby’s Surf Camp 2018

Early Bird Bobbys Surf Camp

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