Blue Bay in Banyuwangi

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Blue Bay, one pf the best alternative snorkeling in Banyuwangi in addition to the beach in Bama Baluran or Pumas Island . The beauty of the underwater Blue Bay is not inferior to the two tours above. The sea here is also still beautiful and not yet exposed, as evidenced by the clear blue sea color. that’s why this bay is called Blue Bay

This area is protected by the surrounding community called Gemuruh (Gerakan Muncar Rumahku). This community has some environmental conservation activities. Among them are the planting of fish apartments, coral reef transplants, and the planting of mangrove trees that aims to save the natural surroundings.

Blue Bay located in Muncar Banyuwangi behind Sembulungan peninsula, this bay is still entered in the area of Alas Purwo National Park. Near Alas Purwo National Park is also located the second best surfing tour in the world after the hawai, name is grajagan or often called g-land. Land access to Blue Bay still does not exist, so you have to rent a boat or boat to go there, boat rental price in banyuwangi around Rp 300.000 to Rp 500.000.

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