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Banyuwangi used to be often referred to as the path of crossing of Java Island to Bali Island, which is forwarded through the Port of Ketapang. Banyuwangi itself is a district in East Java Province. Besides being the largest regency in Java Island, Banyuwangi is the largest fish producer in East Java.

Precisely on the East Coast of Banyuwangi, Bali Strait, and Muncar is the fishing port. Banyuwangi has long been known as a banana producer, almost in every yard of houses decorated with banana trees. However, this time Banyuwangi become more popular thanks to the beauty of tourist objects and the availability of access to popular tourist attractions of Indonesia.

There is a legendary and worldwide surfing place in G-Land or plengkung beach, it is said that the waves here are the second best after Hawaii. Savanah as in Africa in Baluran, or Sukamade beach which became asylum for turtles.

In Banyuwangi you can also visit Ijen Crater to witness first-ever marvels of eternal flame that only two in the world. The colors of the blue flame contrast and the green Ijen crater make for a stunningly mystical scene, and will be more beautiful in the night. Banyuwangi is also rich in art, culture and tradition.


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