3 Ways to Access G-land Banyuwangi

3 Ways to Access G-land Banyuwangi Large Image


Plengkung beach or known as G-Land is located in the southeastern part of Java Island, located in the southern coastal cluster of Java which is directly opposite the Indian Ocean, so the beach Plengkung including large choppy beaches. These large waves are produced by a low pressure system from the south (Antarctica). Plengkung Beach is also located on the east side of Grajagan Bay.


There are 3 (three) ways to get to G-Land:
Sea Line: Plengkung Beach can be reached by charter boat from Bali.
Land Line – Sea: Banyuwangi – pounding 35 km distance by bus or other public transportation. Gempuluk – grajagan is 18 km can be traveled by public transport. Grajagan – plengkung continued with speed boat.
Land Line: Banyuwangi – Kalipahit is 59 km away and can be reached by bus. From Kalipahit – Pasaranyar travel 3 km by motorcycle or rent a car. From Pasaranyar – Trianggulasi Beach – Pancur Beach travels 15 km, Pancur -Pantai Plengkung is 9 km away, accomplished by special car.

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